Silver Egyptian Ankh Pendant Necklace – Hale Satin

Silver Egyptian Ankh Pendant Necklace

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This Silver Egyptian Ankh Pendant Necklace is a simple flat pendant that comes on a simple silver ball link chain. It is perfect layered with other simple style pendants or worn alongside a simple choker.

The Ankh is one of the most easily recognisable Egyptian symbols - it is in fact an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that means "life". In Egyptian imagery Ankh symbol is often held in hands of almost every deity - which they sometimes use to bring the dead back to life. The Ankh is sometimes known as the "crux ansata" (cross with a handle). The loop at the top of the cross is thought to represent the soul, the fact it loops in on itself with no clear end or beginning symbolises the Egyptian concept of reincarnation.

As a pendant the Ankh is often worn for good luck and to protect the wearer against bad energy. As it is such a powerful symbol of life an eternity is makes a great gift for someone in need of reassurance.á

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Length: 50CM
Pendant Size: 3.8CM*3.8CM