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Cross My Heart and Hope to Die Sunglasses

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Our "Cross my heart and hope to die Sunglasses" are definitely a statement piece. They feature the text "Cross my heart and Hope to Die, Stick a Needle In My Eye" printed along the front of the frame so everyone can read it while you wear them.

The glasses are available in black plastic with white or red text. The chosen text color also runs along the edge of the frames as an accent colour and inside of each arm. Each lens is oval shaped with a short bridge in between.

The glasses are easily adjusted to fit most head sizes with some very gentle bending of the arms since the plastic is slightly malleable.

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"Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye" is often said as an intention to keep an oath or a promise. The original poem is thought to have started sometime in the early 1900s. The full poem is much longer that the famous first lines we so often hear quoted. The full poem reads as:

cross my heart
and hope to die
stick a needle in my eye
wait a moment,
i spoke a lie
i never really
wanted to die.
but if i may
and if i might
my heart is open
for tonight
though my lips are sealed
and a promise is true
i won't break my word
my word to you.

cross my heart
hope to die
stick a needle in my eye.
a secret's a secret
my word is forever
i will tell no one
about your cruel endeavor.
you claim no pain
but i see right through
your words in
everythign you do.
teary eyes
broken heart
life has torn
you apart

cross my heart
hope to die
stick a needle in my eye
i loved you then
i love you now
i'll still love you
though i'll break my vow.
i can't hold this secret
any longer
it's hurting you
not making you stronger.
you're my friend
so i'll risk your respect
by hurting you
i can protect
i'll save yourself
since you will not
you might hate me
but i'll give it a shot.
i'm willing to risk
our bond that we own
so long as you're safe
you won't be alone.