About Hale Satin

About us

Hale Satin Loves Fashion.

Hale Satin is a small company based in Kildare, Ireland that was set up in 2016. We are passionate about unusual fashion of all kinds, especially dark, Gothic style clothing.

We decided to start the business because it seemed to be getting more difficult to find pretty goth clothes that didn't have a huge price tag (at least in Ireland). We also felt that the big chain goth stores had veered into the "nerd market" (which is cool too) and any Gothic clothes they sold were exaggerated and costume-like . They had lost touch with us, their customers, and we want to fix that.

The price point really is the driving force behind the brand. We want to make it affordable to dress alternatively. The bar for entry, price-wise, to looking "goth" is higher than it should be. Some of our prices are not as low as we want them to be right now but that will have to be something we improve over time.

All the items we sell are hand picked by us because they are something we would like to wear. We won't stock anything we wouldn't wear ourselves. This means our catalogue is on the smaller side but we believe in quality over quantity and want to bring you the best in dark fashion.


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