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Top 5 Goth Makeup Youtube Channels

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Top 5 Goth Makeup Youtube Channels

Sometimes finding youtube channels that don’t follow conventional makeup trends (or use them to create a more gothic look) can be a challenge. Or maybe you’re like me and you just love finding new channels to binge on. Either way I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favourite youtube channels that host a variety of gothic makeup looks that vary from being grungy/light goth to full on gothic makeup looks.


jade the libra


5. Jade The Libra

Jade’s look is not always completely goth - she tends to tread a line somewhere between grunge and goth. Her channel is great for anyone who is just starting to try their hand at a more gothic makeup look or want a light but edgier look to wear throughout the day.



4. Stultitiae Laus

Stultitiae Laus uses a lot of colour in her looks and creates some really interesting shapes around her eyes with eyeshadow. Some of her looks are more artistic rather than something that could be worn everyday but that doesn’t make the tutorials any less enjoyable to watch.



3. Ree Ree Phillips


One of my favourite thing about Ree Ree’s tutorials is that she manages to use some really bright neon colours to create some definitely goth looks without them looking cybergoth.


She also has a really great foundation routine for pale skin that isn’t just great for goths. She rocks purple lipstick in a few different shades in various tutorials throughout her channel, which I really love.


2. Drac Makens

Drac Makens creates more of a classic cure-esque goth look, with some contemporary makeup tricks and eye shapes. She prefers to wear her looks with no eyebrows which really gives her that ultra goth look.



1. BiohazardousBeauty

BiohazardousBeauty uses contemporary makeup techniques, like inner eye highlighting with colour, and tweaks them to fit a more goth look. Her channel is really great for anyone that wants to use on-trend techniques to create goth makeup looks that are a little softer. Her looks can also serve as a great jumping off point for anyone that’s familiar with mainstream makeup but  wants to transition into a more gothic style.

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