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This is just a very quick step by step on how I turned a coffin tray from Joanne's Fabric into a hanging necklace display. 1. The Coffin I found this wooden tray on sale at the local fabric store. It was bare and intended to be painted, but you could certainly buy one that has already been painted, if you like the look of it better than one you could create yourself. *Notice that the tray came with a little v-shaped hook attached at the top. 2. Paint it! I used red and black acrylic paints by Reeves. You can...

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Whether you’ve been goth for years or you’re just getting into the subculture, everyone can agree that one of the most iconic aspects of the gothic look is the lily white skin. Of course, a ghostly complexion can be achieved with makeup, either by purchasing a foundation shade lighter than your natural skin tone, or by using something like white foundation or white pressed powder. However, to achieve a truly vampiric look, I find that it starts with the way you cleanse your face.   For a few years now, I’ve been a big fan of Korean skincare products, so when...

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Sometimes finding youtube channels that don’t follow conventional makeup trends (or use them to create a more gothic look) can be a challenge. Or maybe you’re like me and you just love finding new channels to binge on. Either way I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favourite youtube channels that host a variety of gothic makeup looks that vary from being grungy/light goth to full on gothic makeup looks.     5. Jade The Libra Jade’s look is not always completely goth - she tends to tread a line somewhere between grunge and goth. Her channel is great...

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